The guesthouse Viverenumana is the best solution for those who want to enjoy the beauties of Numana and the Riviera del Conero without sacrificing comfort.

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We are in downtown of Numana, the beating heart of this town overlooking the sea: a pleasantly lively context especially in the evening.
Every useful service such as bars, restaurants, shops, bank branches is within 50 meters.
Thanks to the free parking pass, you can safely leave your car near your home and in reserved areas at a maximum distance of 200 meters.


The beaches, of fine gravel and not sand, are located on the slopes of the limestone cliff of Numana (37 meters in altitude).
On the north side there is the “Spiaggia dei Frati” while in the south side “la Spiaggiola”, both are easily reachable on foot by a short walk (250 m passing through piazza Nova and 450 m via Via Roma) or with free shuttles provided by the bathing establishments.
The first, more wild and landscape interesting, is managed by a Hotel.
The second, better served and close to the tourist port, also has a catering service.
The establishments are equipped with bars, toilets, games for children and provide free beach areas on the sides.

Attention to your needs

To guarantee an excellent rest and a stay in complete comfort and relaxation to our guests, we have paid particular attention to the soundproofing of our rooms and to the choice of top quality mattresses and pillows.
Each bed is at least 64 centimeters high, of which 24 are mattresses.
This was chosen as the “best pocket spring product” according to ALTROCONSUMO, it is rigid but comfortable.
The supply is in May 2019 and is regularly maintained and sanitized.
When booking, you can choose between 3 different types of pillows, from the softest to the most rigid and according to different volumes.

The showers are all large (120 x 70 cm), some in non-standard masonry and all with dedicated lighting.

The breakfast:

Breakfast, included in the price of the overnight stay, can be consumed in one of the bars located in the Piazza del Santuario thanks to special vouchers.
Each guest will be entitled to a coffee or a cappuccino plus a sweet brioche.
Alternatively, you can order any other item of coffee or pastry for the same price, and only deal with any difference.


The care of the environments, you will feel at home:

The room will be tidied up daily and completely free between 9 and 12.
Our guests can request extra cleaning according to their liking.
The linen will be made available and changed free of charge.
Every 5 days the bed linen kits will be replaced, and every 3 the 3-bedroom bath kit will be replaced.
It is possible to request an additional linen change at a cost of € 10 for the bed linen kit and € 5 for the towel kit.
If during the daily check the laundry is missing or was found on the ground, it will be automatically changed to the above costs.

Pet friends are welcome, there is only a small surcharge for additional cleaning that will be evaluated based on size and type.

Reception and arrival and departure rules.

Check-in is scheduled at 10:30 am to 1:00 pm and from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm.
Check-out is appreciated by 9:30 am.
Both will be agreed in advance and any changes to the times in the night time bands could involve a surcharge.

Upon arrival you will receive all useful informations regarding your stay in Numana and surroundings.
You will be helped with your luggage, you will be shown the nearest free parking, you will be shown all the utilities present in the room and supported particular needs.
Thanks to our constant presence and many years of experience you will not have to worry.
Following the advice of Viverenumana you can optimize the time at your disposal and fully enjoy the peculiarities of the territory!

Naturally at your arrival we will provide you with a list of all our CONVENTIONS AND ADVICE ON THE BEST KITCHEN AT THE BEST PRICE!